Lauttasaari Church is located in the district of Lauttasaari, on an island in Western Helsinki. The church site forms a solid entity in the surrounding townscape with its courtyard’s passages, stairways and plantings. Architects Marja and Keijo Petäjä won the architectural competition of Lauttasaari Church in 1953. The church was completed in 1958.

A monumental, boulder-wall bordered staircase leads to the church’s main entrance. The stone-paved reservoir in the inner courtyard is characterised by tall-standing erratic block, whereas over 60-meter high campanile oversees the whole Lauttasaari district. A horizontal two-storey wing combines the u-shaped building’s two separate church halls. The tiling on the churchyard binds the parts together. The surface material of the whole complex is sandblasted white concrete, which is contrasted with copper paved window zones.

The church hall’s ceiling, that descents towards the apsis, is covered with wooden grid structure supported by slim pylons. The hallway, leading to the apsis, is paved with multicoloured marble. Natural light flows in through the top-wall ribbon windows and the apsis’ high window. The character of the interior, with its benches and overhanging brass-lights, is designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara. The church textiles are designed by Hilkka Vuorinen, Annikki Tapiovaara and Ilmari Tapiovaara.


Myllykallionrinne 1, Helsinki
60.1585804, 24.8693146


Lauttasaari Church photographed from the east, Lauttasaari Church
Lauttasaari Church photographed from the east, Lauttasaari Church (© Wikimedia Commons)
Aerial view from 1964, Lauttasaari Church
Aerial view from 1964, Lauttasaari Church (© SKY-Foto Möller / HKM)
Assembly hall, Lauttasaari Church
Assembly hall, Lauttasaari Church (© P.O. Welin / HKM)
View from the east, Lauttasaari Church
View from the east, Lauttasaari Church (© Heikki Havas / MFA)
Façade drawing , Lauttasaari Church
Façade drawing , Lauttasaari Church (© MFA)
Floor plan, Lauttasaari Church
Floor plan, Lauttasaari Church (© MFA)
Section plan, Lauttasaari Church
Section plan, Lauttasaari Church (© MFA)

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