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The hydro-electric power plant, which was built on the Lammaistenkoski rapids, has a drop height of 26,4 metres. North of the power plant, the Kokemäenjoki river was dammed to form a 400-metre-wide reservoir, and to the west there is the Lammaistenlahti pool in the river valley.

The monumental red-brick power plant is situated at the south end of the dam. In the upper part of the plant there are the control openings and at the lower part the turbine halls. The south façade has large window openings and, as typical of Bryggman, the windows are subdivided into many panes. The façades are enlivened by variations in the hues of red brick. There was an intention to build engineers’ dwellings near the plant but they were not realised.

The Harjavalta power plant has probably influenced the design of the Oulujoki power stations designed by Bryggman’s friend, architect Aarne Ervi. On the north side of the Kokemäenjoki river there is the Paratiisi nature trail and the Satalinna Tuberculosis Sanatorium (1923–25) by architect Onni Tarjanne. The Harjavalta power station is being extended in 2014–17 with the construction of a third turbine.

Text: Mikko Laaksonen


Voimalaitoksentie, Harjavalta
61.3390374, 22.1173153


Upriver side, Harjavalta Power Plant
Upriver side, Harjavalta Power Plant (© Roos / MFA)
Downriver side, Harjavalta Power Plant
Downriver side, Harjavalta Power Plant (© Mikko Laaksonen / Bryggman Institute)

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