Forum Marinum is a maritime centre in Turku that has been built in several phases. Its functions are based on the collection of Turku Maritime Museum and Åbo Akademi University Museum of Maritime History and their flagships. Exhibition activities are housed in the former crown granary, Kruununmakasiini, and the Linnanpuomi building. The granary, designed by County Architect Helge Rancken, dates back to 1894 and served in its in intended use until the 1970s. The red brick building originally contained twelve timber-built grain bins, above which was an attic that served as a workspace. In 1936 a warehouse wing was annexed to the building. The Linnanpuomi building, in turn, was built in two phases as a warehouse of SOK corporation after the designs by architect Valde Aulanko.

In the renovation of the Linnanpuomi exhibition facility, we converted the circulation and exhibition spaces into three areas with differing functions: an area for changing exhibition and an auditorium, boat exhibition hall and boathouse, where the public can observe the restoration of museum boats. We altered the organisation of openings in the façade and changed the colour of the rendered surfaces into light grey. On the river-facing side, we added a quay-like deck that had a tensile fabric roof over it. The Maritime Archive of Åbo Akademi University was completed in the year 2000.

The guiding principle in the refurbishment of the granary was housing the new functions into the old timber-built grains bins. The former service corridor between the brick shell and the bins was reserved for building services. The granary house has four principal functions: entrance hall and cafe area in the wing, facilities for the permanent display in the bins, reception and workspaces as well as storage areas.

The original character of the hall space at the granary’s river-facing end was restored by demolishing most of the 1930’s additions. The hall space at the end is linked to the wing that contains the actual entrance functions and the café.

Each bin contains its thematic display. The bins on the Linnankatu street side were converted into reception and workrooms. Three to four bins were designated as storage space that could later be utilised as exhibition space. Ventilation installations were located in a metal ”container”, built in the top part of the reception are bin. Most building services and technical installations were eventually housed in the services corridors between the outer walls and the bins.

Source: Finnish Architectural Review 5/2004


Linnankatu 72, Turku
60.4369285, 22.2348142


Linnanpuomi building, Forum Marinum
Linnanpuomi building, Forum Marinum (© Jussi Tiainen / MFA)
Interior of the crown granary, Forum Marinum
Interior of the crown granary, Forum Marinum (© Jussi Tiainen / MFA)
Linnanpuomi exhibition hall, Forum Marinum
Linnanpuomi exhibition hall, Forum Marinum (© Jussi Tiainen / MFA)
Interior of the crown granary, Forum Marinum
Interior of the crown granary, Forum Marinum (© Jussi Tiainen / MFA)
Site plan, Forum Marinum
Site plan, Forum Marinum (© LPR Architects)
Section plan, Forum Marinum
Section plan, Forum Marinum (© LPR Architects)
Ground floo, Forum Marinum
Ground floo, Forum Marinum (© LPR Architects)