Alexander School is one of the many Art Nouveau school buildings designed by Wivi Lönn. Wivi Lönn was a pioneering female architect who established her practice in the early years of the 1900s. She was especially well-known for her school design skills.

Alexander School is one of the oldest, still functioning in its original use, school buildings in Tampere. Alexander School is situated in Hallituskatu, the southwest corner of Tampere downtown area. Nearby is situated two other Lönn’s school buildings, Tampere Girls’ School and Tampere School of Domestic Economy. Today Alexander School and Tampere Girls’ School form the Wivi Lönn School.



Hallituskatu 26, Tampere
61.4962731, 23.7501951


Eastern elevation, Alexander School
Eastern elevation, Alexander School (© Kari Hakli / MFA)
Ground floor, Alexander School
Ground floor, Alexander School (© MFA)
1st floor, Alexander School
1st floor, Alexander School (© MFA)